OpenStack Private Cloud customized for your needs available on-demand | easy to scale | extended with rich orchestration capabilities
Hosted in
our Datacenter

Dedicated, single-tenant hardware
located in the partners' datacenters with
the highest level of availability.

Managed by
infrastructure experts

Our professional team
deploy, support and operate
your hosted cloud for you.


Minimize manual operations,
use templates for deploying
your applications in minutes.

What does IT want today?
What does Private Cloud bring to IT?
Easy to use

Self-service private cloud that works like a public cloud with handy UI and flexible API.


Consistent and reliable performance. Highly available. Tuned to your application and business needs.


Instantly provision resources you need: application stacks or single VMs, containers and more.

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Ability to manage users, quotas, resources, images, security policies and application templates.


While we monitor the platform 24×7 you can help your users to build, run and manage their applications.


Reports, metrics, graphs help you to track user activity, application availability and capacity planning.

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Deploy and orchestrate complex application stacks to provide PaaS and SaaS services.

Big Data

Storing large-scale data. Collecting, processing and analyzing data using big data platforms.


Social, media and content-rich applications that require good flexibility at scale.

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OpenStack vs CloudStack | OpenSource Battle

When selecting an open source cloud platform, there is the question about the difference between the largest and the most popular of them - OpenStack and CloudStack.

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Why you may not want to run your own Private Cloud?

Do you think that a cloud-based platform built on OpenStack is easy and cheap? Or do you consider that the private cloud is expensive and cumbersome structure and make a choice in favor of the public cloud? Let's look at the basic misconceptions of the cloud market.

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