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We are looking for various ways to help our customers select the right OpenStack consumption model.

Your company is aware of what benefits cloud can bring to it. The cloud makes it possible to enjoy the scalability, flexibility, and maneuverability, without increasing IT budgets. However, there are several options to use the cloud. The right decision - use a managed hosted cloud PrivateCloud (VirtBox), to begin with creating own private cloud (DIY) or use a public cloud - can be made with the help of analysis of the various factors. It is important to identify and differentiate each cloud model to make the right choice.

So what are the differences between these models? And what would be the best for your business?

Category VirtBox DIY OpenStack
Hardware Dedicated single-tenant infrastructure hosted in partner's data center. No hardware or maintenance costs incurred by your business Procure, deploy and support everything from networking switches to server racks
Cost Transparency Known and predictable costs Unknown costs. Any wrong choice can quickly lead to cost overruns
Deployment Time Predictable (days / weeks) Unpredictable (months / years)
Deployment Complexity Low High
Support Full Stack (24x7 proactive monitoring, operations and support) None (community support)
Upgrades Automatic. Not visible to end users Not included
High Availability Built-in Not included
Scalability Easily scale capacity as needed Not included
Monitoring Built-in continuous monitoring and issue detection Not included
Category VirtBox Public Cloud
Hardware Single tenant physical infrastructure, purely dedicated to your business Shared physical hardware with potential "noisy neighbor" effect
Control Greater levels of control Lack of control
Customizations Customize compute, storage and networking components to best suit your specific IT requirements Typically, cannot be easily achieved in a public cloud environment
Security Increased security of an allocated environment - physically isolated layers: computing, network, and storage Perceived weaker security, provided by service provider
Payment model Pay-as-you-go for the underlying infrastructure nodes and plan virtual resources as you wish Pay-per-use for each resource you utilize: VMs, storage volumes, bandwidth and additional services
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