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Combine the cost benefits and flexibility of public cloud environments with the security, reliability, and performance of dedicated hardware, in VirtBox private cloud solutions.

All-in-One solution to run your hosted private cloud

VirtBox is a fully integrated enterprise private cloud solution ready for your workload and application deployment.

We bring a self-service cloud experience in an isolated private environment, with better control of the security and performance of a dedicated infrastructure.
Our solution allows you to get started quickly without significant expenses and wasted time on building your cloud ecosystem from scratch.

Minimizing complexity and human effort are key to cloud success.

  • VirtBox | Features
    Design & Deployment

    First, we analyze your current workloads and customize VirtBox private cloud specifically for your business and application use cases. Then we take care of deploying your OpenStack cloud inside our partners' data centers on dedicated hardware.

  • VirtBox | Features

    VirtBox provides you a security of a single-tenant deployment with the physical isolation of key components: network, compute and storage. As an extra option, you can use physical firewall dedicated to the protection of your environment.

  • VirtBox | Features
    Capacity Planning

    Ongoing analysis of trends and your usage data allows us to project growth rates and offer advice on the timely expansion of your basic infrastructure to ensure sufficient resources for your business.

  • VirtBox | Features
    Managed Operations

    Once your cloud deployed we take full responsibility for its operations and continuous support. Also, we offer a complete lifecycle of consulting, strategy, design and implementation services to help you migrate all your workloads into VirtBox cloud. 

  • VirtBox | Features
    Proactive Monitoring

    VirtBox collects statistics for all major cloud-related hardware and software parameters that allows our experts to continuously monitor and maintain the efficiency of your private cloud to make sure it’s always available and works optimally.

  • VirtBox | Features

    Your business can grow easily in the cloud, designed to scale out to hundreds of nodes. Start small and increase your cloud to meet the growing needs of your business. Quickly scale down the allocated resources when you do not need them anymore.

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