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What is VirtBox? It is a managed cloud solution built on a dedicated infrastructure powered by open technologies.

1. The fastest path to the production-ready private cloud

VirtBox makes your journey to the private cloud quick and safe, without the pain of designing, deploying and managing your infrastructure. Let us do what we do the best, while you focus on the workloads that are imperative for your core business.

2. ..managed by infrastructure experts

We offer fully managed and end-to-end cloud solutions. Our specialists will analyse, integrate and manage all of your cloud workloads. In the result, you got an individual and adopted for you needs production cloud today with zero capital investments and predictable ongoing costs.

3. ..powered by OpenStack

Get a reliable and scalable private cloud build on top of OpenStack ecosystem and backed by the best industry standards. We give you the full power of open technologies and help to avoid any headaches on your way.

Your cloud - our infrastructure

Let us manage infrastructure for you. While we are deploying and operating your cloud infrastructure, you can focus on building your core applications and delivering great customer experiences.

  • Your cloud is hosted on dedicated hardware in partners’ data centers
  • Easily scale up or down the underlying infrastructure when you need
  • We take full responsibility for the management, monitoring, and availability of your hosted cloud
VirtBox | OpenStack Private Cloud
VirtBox | OpenStack Private Cloud
Your workload - our experience

Leverage our experience in OpenStack and DevOps to automate your application stack deployment and migrate your workloads into VirtBox private cloud. Our DevOps Engineers collaborate with you on all phases, from the initial analysis and design to ongoing management.

  • Accelerate your application migration with our professional services
  • Deploy production-ready applications in minutes from templates
  • Use self-service capabilities to manage your environments
Let us save your time and money

Reduce your expenses and operational risks, also, increase productivity and rapid time to value by migrating your workload to managed VirtBox cloud.

  • No need to hire and retain a team of IT experts
  • Forget about the pain of cloud management and support
  • Eliminate on-site hardware and save on energy costs
  • Take advantage of the cloud's pay-as-you-go model
VirtBox | OpenStack Private Cloud