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Focus on your business and let us manage your cloud.

What is Managed Cloud?

Managed cloud will allow you to use all the features and benefits of the cloud for your business objectives, not only without disappointments but also without wasting time and money to manage it by yourself.

Once your cloud is deployed, we run it with you as an extension of your team. We monitor it, debug it, upgrade it, and we keep improving it. All of the new software features that we develop, we supply to all our customers at no extra charge. We previously eliminate and mitigate any problems to provide an optimal condition of your cloud. We are ready to answer any questions you may have about your cloud at any time by phone and e-mail.

1. Infrastructure Operations

Managed Infrastructure Operations provides support outside Managed Infrastructure. Support includes direct assistance with resizing, snapshots, issues concerning the host machines, adding and removing servers as well as with the management of the IP-addresses.

2. System Operations

You have access to all benefits of managed infrastructure, as well as assistance with the current workload of your cloud, including the maintenance of the operating system and patching, infrastructure monitoring, application maintenance. Dedicated account team supports all, which means that you will be assisted whenever you need us.

3. Development and Application Operations

Managed Operations are based on automation to help enable DevOps in your organization. We can make our development team more efficient by automating support operations; definition your infrastructure as a code to build an automated platform that simplifies and accelerates testing and implementation of the code, and automatically scales in accordance with the fluctuations in traffic. In this way, we will provide you a real competitive advantage, save time, money and frustration.

VirtBox | Managed OperationsVirtBox | Managed Operations

We don't offer infrastructure without service.

Built For

  • Simplify IT by excluding control of data center operation, platform software, and applications
  • Reduce operational risks and focus on delivering great user experience
  • Provide predictable operating costs and eliminate the need for high infrastructure investments

Drive Rapid Business Value

With VirtBox, you can quickly get all competitive advantages of managed private cloud, and increase the value of your product or service in days and weeks. This is achieved by leveraging fully-automated provisioning, managed operations and underlying elastic infrastructure.

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